Botany: Short Answer Type Questions on Microbes in Human Welfare

Why are flocs important in biological treatment of waste water? How has the bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis helped us in controlling caterpillars of insect pests? How do mycorrhizal fungi help the plants harboring them? Why are cyanobacteria considered useful in paddy fields? How was penicillin discovered? Write the chemical nature of biogas. Name one organism which produces biogas. Describe broad-spectrum antibiotic. […]

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Botany: Very Short Answer Type Questions on Microbes in Human Welfare

Why are there big holes in ‘Swiss Cheese’? What is a fermenter? Give an example of a microbe that is used in statin production. How do they lower blood cholesterol level? Why is secondary wastewater treatment referred to as biological approach? What is the significance of antibiotics in medicine? Why do we distil to produce a few alcoholic drinks? Name […]

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MCQs on “Microbes in Human Welfare”

Which of these processes does not give off CO₂ Lactate fermentation Aerobic respiration Alcoholic fermentation None of the above High biological oxygen demand in a water body means ______ Water is not polluted Water is polluted Water body contains lots of lifeforms None of the above The guts of various ruminants contain Acidophiles Halophiles Methanogens All of the above Which […]

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