Botany: Very Short Answer Type Questions on Microbes in Human Welfare

  1. Why are there big holes in ‘Swiss Cheese’?
  2. What is a fermenter?
  3. Give an example of a microbe that is used in statin production. How do they lower blood cholesterol level?
  4. Why is secondary wastewater treatment referred to as biological approach?
  5. What is the significance of antibiotics in medicine?
  6. Why do we distil to produce a few alcoholic drinks?
  7. Name the common trait shared between Clostridium butylicum, Lactobacillus and Aspergillus niger?
  8. What if human intestine nourished microbial flora correctly equivalent to the one found in the rumen of cattle?
  9. Name two microbes beneficial in biotechnology.
  10. Name any crop that is genetically modified.
  11. Why are blue-green algae not as popular as biofertilizers?
  12. “Roquefort cheese” is obtained from which species of Penicillin?
  13. Which states are involved in the Ganga Action Plan?
  14. List two industrially significant enzymes.
  15. Name the class of bacteria found both in the sludge of sewage treatment and in the rumen of cattle?

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